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Macon Catering

Let Us Cater Your Next Party!

We offer bulk order sales for any size group or event, and we specialize in delivery and full service catering for small parties and large gatherings up to 5,000 or more throughout Georgia and surrounding areas.


We can help arrange your wedding rehearsal dinner, company picnic, birthday party, and any business or personal function.


Please call us for more information on how we can assist you.(478.477.7229) or Request a Catering Quote



Bulk Order Menu:

Item:                                       Serving Size:  Feeds:     
Barbecue Pork 1/3 lb 1 lb:  3 people (makes 5 sandwiches)
Barbecue Ribs 1/2 lb (4 bones) Slab: 3 people (13 bones per slab)
Barbecue Chicken  1/2 Chicken 1/2 Chicken: 1 person (breast, wing, thigh, & leg) 

 Item:   Serving Size : 1 Pt.Feeds : 1 Qt. Feeds:  1/2 Gal. Feeds:  1 Gal.Feeds: 
Brunswick Stew:    6 oz. 3 people 5 people 10 people

20 people

Cole Slaw: 4 oz. 4 people 8 people 15 people 30 people
Baked Beans: 6 oz. 3 people 5 people 10 people 20 people
Tea 1 gal.       10 people