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Barbecue Family Packs Brunswick Stew Drinks  
Plates Sides Cole Slaw Barbecue Sauce Desserts




Barbecue Pulled Pork Sandwich (on bun)           $3.10
Barbecue Pulled Pork Sandwich (on loaf bread)            $4.09
Bulk Orders
Chopped Barbecue Pork  (sauce on the side)          $13.92/lb
Chopped Barbecue Pork ( with sauce)          $9.99 /lb
Whole Ham (uncut w/bone)          $7.29 /lb



BBQ Pork Plate: (Regular)

Barbecue Pork, Brunswick Stew

Bread, and Crackers




To Go: $6.60

BBQ Pork Plate: (Deluxe)

Barbecue Pork, Brunswick Stew.

Bread, Crackers ( Just add):

Pickle,  and Cole Slaw





To Go: $8.10


Barbecue Family Pack


2 lbs. Chopped Pork, 1 qt. Brunswick Stew,

1 pt. Cole Slaw, 1/2 pt. Barbecue Sauce,

Whole Pickle, 1 Dozen Buns





Brunswick Stew

Serving                                                                        $3.35
Pint $5.73
Quart $10.50
Gallon  (Please order 1 day in advance) $39.25

Cole Slaw

Small Serving $1.29  
Large Serving $1.59
Pint $3.35
Quart $6.30
Gallon $21.99  





Whole Pickle




Barbecue Sauce

1/2 Pint $1.92 $1.33
Pint $3.63 $2.46
Quart $5.87 $4.32
Gallon $21.39 $15.45



Coke Products $1.69 $1.99
Tea $1.69 $1.99
Water $0.20 $0.30
Gallon of Tea   $4.95



Pecan/Lemon Pie (slice) $2.25
Reese's Pie (slice) $2.25
Brownie $1.40




We offer bulk order sales for any size group or event, and we specialize in delivery and full service catering. For more information you can visit our Catering Page. To make arrangements for your next party please call (770) 775-3182 or Contact Us.



We ship our Bar-B-Que next day air! Enjoy your favorite barbecue wherever you are. To order, give us a call at (478) 477- 7229